Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer MIMAKI UCJV330

“UCJV330 Series” is a Print & Cut UV-LED inkjet printer that combines the high productivity and high image quality of our flagship “330 Series” with our UV printing technology to significantly improve productivity and image quality compared to previous models.

In addition to high image quality and high productivity, this flagship model is equipped with advanced UV-LED technology that only Mimaki can offer.
While inheriting the conventional 2 through 5-layer printing functionality, this is Mimaki’s first roll-to-roll product that supports 2.5D printing.
This machine is equipped with unique features such as watermark printing, made possible only with Mimaki to meet avariety of needs.
Take your sign and graphics to the next level with overwhelmingly high image quality for added value to your business.

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Introducing our premium MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format UV Printer, revolutionizing your printing needs with unparalleled versatility and precision. With its advanced print and cut functionality, this powerhouse can seamlessly produce a wide array of materials including stickers, banners, signage, window film, and much more.

Experience the ultimate freedom of expression with up to 5-layer printing capabilities, allowing you to create stunning, multi-dimensional designs. Plus, our innovative watermark printing function ensures your work remains protected and uniquely yours.

Invest in the future of printing technology with our MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format UV Printer and unleash your creativity like never before. Elevate your projects with unmatched quality and efficiency today!

Print & Cut with [ID Cut] function

Elevate your work efficiency with the MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer productive cutting functions. The all-new [ID Cut] feature revolutionizes the cutting process, ensuring precision and speed for a seamless workflow. Experience a new era of productivity in large format printing. It is possible to make labels and stickers by one unit.

  • [Continuous registration mark detection] for consecutive cutting,
  • [Over Cut / Corner Cut] for cutting sharply on preventing an occurrence of uncut,
  • [Intermediate Cut] for a correct cut of long outline by multiple corrections of position with intermediate registration marks,
  • [Register mark of Zero margin] for saving media losses to eliminate the margin between register marks.

5 layer print [Front & Back Printing]

Experience the magic of dual-sided printing with a single application! Now you can achieve stunning [Front & Back Printing] the dynamic 5-layer print with MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer , bringing unique designs to both sides. Picture a captivating blend of indoor and outdoor scenes seamlessly showcased on a single window sign.

4 layer print [Day & Night Printing]

MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer come with the combined solutions of the 4 layers print and the inside lighting of graphic will present the amazing image-change named [Day & Night Printing] when the printed media is lighted from the back.

2.5D Print (Emboss Print) with clear ink

Mimaki’s first roll-to-roll product to support the “Emboss Print” feature of our flatbed printers.
Layers of UV ink are applied to create an uneven texture. This makes it possible to simulate the texture found in oil paintings and on wood grains.

Watermark Printing

Watermark print that reveals the skeleton image when the backlight is exposed.
When illuminated from behind, such as sunlight or backlight, it can create a silhouette. This feature provides the ability to create unique designs that attract attention.

Clear ink added!

MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer come with Glossy printing that able to enhance the visibility of indoor poster. Printing the clear texture on the color print can create the expressive design.

Environmentally friendly UV ink

MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer used LUS-175 ink which gained the [GREENGUARD Gold] certification, which is based on most strict global standard of chemical substance diffusion. This certification assures the product property conforms to schools and medical facilities.

Upgraded RIP software, RasterLink7

Newly developed RasterLink is equipped with more useful and advanced functions! With increased RIP processing speed, usability, and productivity, it supports Variable printing.


Specification : 

MIMAKI UCJV330 Large Format Print & Cut UV Printer

UCJV330-130 UCJV330-160
Print head On-demand piezo head (2 staggered layout)
Print resolution Y: 600, 1200 dpi X: 600, 1200, 1800 dpi
Print gap By manual 3 levels (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm)
Ink Type/Color LUS-170:C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,W,Cl
LUS-175:C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,W,Cl *1
LUS-200:C,M,Y,K,W (Plan to support 2023 winter)
LUS-190:C,M,Y,K,W (Plan to support 2024 spring) *1
LUS-210:C,M,Y,K,W (Plan to support 2024 spring) *1
Capacity 1L bottle
Ink circulation Circulation in damper MCTv2
Maximum print width 1,360mm (53.5″) 1,610mm (63.4″)
Media Maximum width 1,370mm (53.9″) 1,620mm (63.8″)
Thickness 1 mm or lower
Roll diameter φ250 mm or less
Mountable no. Standard : 1 roll / Option : 3 rolls (with the Media changer)
Roll weight One roll:Max. 45 kg (99.2 lb) or less
Three rolls:Total 90 kg (198.4 lb) or less
Roll inside diameter 2 inch / 3 inch
Media cutting Auto cutting by cutter of head unit *2
Cutting function Cutting speed Max. 300 mm/s
Acceleration Max. 0.5G
Cutting pressure 10 – 450 gf
Cutter response times 10 times/sec
Repeatability ±0.2 mm (Excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by the film temperature)
Interface Ethernet 1000 BASE-T (Recommended) / USB2.0 Hi-speed
Certifications VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL IEC 62368-1,
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
CB, REACH, Energy Star, RCM, KC, UKCA
Power supply Single phase AC100-120V±10% /12A or
Single phase AC200-240V±10% /6A
Power consumption Max.1,440W or less ×1 / 800W (Continuous operation) / 4.5W or less (Sleep mode)
Operational environment Temperature: 20–30 °C (68–86 °F)
Humidity: 35–65% Rh (Non condensing)
Recommended temperature: 20–25 °C (68–77 °F)
Dust level: General office level
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,640 x 800 x 1,480mm
(103.9 x 31.5 x 58.3″)
2,890 x 800 x 1,480mm
(113.8 x 31.5 x 58.3″)
Machine weight 217kg (478.4 lb) 227kg (500.4 lb)

*1 Only available in specific countries
*2 Cut shape can be V-shaped cut or straight cut.

Ink set

C M Y K Lc Lm W
C M Y K W Cl
C M Y K Lc Lm W
C M Y K W Cl

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