Wide Format UV Printer 3.2M Extended Mimaki SIJ-320UV

The all new Mimaki SIJ-320UV grand format LED UV inkjet printer delivers a unique combination of high quality super wide output for volume production of banners, retail and exhibition graphics and other similar applications up to 3.2m wide, with the added versatility of twin-roll simultaneous printing.
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Efficient twin-roll simultaneous printing

Unleash your creativity with a staggering maximum printable width of 3.2 meters. The MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer opens up expansive possibilities, allowing you to bring your grand ideas to life on an unprecedented scale.

Revolutionize your workflow with the capability to mount two media rolls concurrently. Whether it’s different print jobs or the same, you have the flexibility to print on two separate rolls. Choose your preferred width individually for each roll within the range of 210 to 1,524 mm, providing unmatched versatility.

Simultaneous twin-roll printing takes productivity to new heights. With a maximum mountable media width of 1,524 mm for each roll, the MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer ensures optimal efficiency, allowing you to meet demanding printing requirements with ease.

Superior Print-Image Quality Control with DAS (Dot Adjustment System)

MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer is equipped with the DAS, a function to automatically adjust the dot position and feeding amount that affect print quality.

When media or printing conditions are changed, an adjustment of ink dot position and media feed amount to suit is necessary.

Automatically detects missing nozzles and performs recovery

MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer is not just a printer; it’s a productivity powerhouse. The NCU automatic detects missing nozzles, and cleans clogged nozzles automatically. If clogging is not resolved after cleaning, the NRS selects substitute nozzles to continue the printing operation. These functions allow the printer to maintain productivity until a technician arrives. And also meet tight deadlines and exceed client expectations with ease.

Simple media loading and advanced media feeding mechanism

With the improved safety design, rolled media can be easily loaded, reducing preparation time. While the newly designed print rollers provide more accurate media transportation, enabling high printing quality.

Environmentally friendly UV ink

MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer is using LUS-125 ink gained the [GREENGUARD Gold] certification, which is based on most strict global standard of chemical substance diffusion. This certification assures the product property conforms to schools and medical facilities.

Upgraded RIP software, RasterLink7

Newly developed RasterLink is equipped with more useful and advanced functions! With increased RIP processing speed, usability, and productivity, it supports Variable printing.




MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer

Head On-demand piezo head (4 staggered printheads)
Print resolution 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 900 dpi, and 1,200 dpi
Ink droplet size Minimum: 7 pl Maximum: 36 pl
Head gap
(Manual adjustment)
1.7 mm / 1.9 mm / 2.6 mm / 3.3 mm
(Distance between the platen and the print head)
Ink Type LED-UV ink LUS-120
LED-UV ink LU-125
*Only available in specific countries
Color C, M, Y, K
Packaging 1 liter ink bottle
Ink can be filled up to 3 liters per ink container of the printer.
Maximum print width 3,200 mm (126 in)
Maximum media width 3,250 mm (127.9 in)
(Twin rolls printing with a small drive shaft: 1,524 mm (60 in) × 2)
Minimum media width 210 mm (8.2 in)
Media thickness 1.0 mm or less
Roll outer diameter Large drive shafts : Φ250 mm or less
Small drive shaft with roll holders : Φ180mm or less
Roll weight Large drive shafts : 100 kg or less
Small drive shaft with roll holders : 25 kg or less
Power supply AC 200–240V ± 10% 50/60Hz ±1 Hz, 15 A or less
Power consumption 3.6 kW or less
Temperature 20 – 30 °C (68 – 86 °F)
Humidity 35–65 %Rh (No condensing)
Temperature accuracy 20 – 25 °C (68 – 77 °F)
Temperature gradient Less than ± 10 °C/h (± 18 °F/h)
Dust 0.15 mg/㎥ (Equivalent to normal office level)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 5,410 mm × 995 mm × 1,440 mm (213 x 39.2 x 56.7 in)
Shipping dimensions (W×D×H) 5,750 mm × 1,140 mm × 1,210 mm (226.4 x 44.9 x 47.6 in)
Weight 850 kg (1873.9 lb)

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