Panoramic Camera Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Vision laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting digitally printed, sublimated textile fabrics of various shapes and sizes. Such as cycling clothes, swimwear, sportswear, etc., providing a complete set of special-shaped cutting solutions for industry users. Complete automatic edge tracking, mold template cutting and general cutting all-in-one machine.


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• Integrated auto edge tracking, mold template cutting, normal cutting multi function in one machine
• No need image figure, auto contour extraction and intelligent identification
• Cutting speed up to 8-54m/min, Highly efficiency.
• Precision cutting without hair brim
• Real production line, feeding & scanning at same time, highly efficiency one-button full production
• High integration, less space occupation
• Asynchronous double head cutting at the same time to find (along) unnormal edge separately ;
One double head = two single head positioning laser cutting productivity
• Asynchronous double head cutting, let separately cutting become simple; Could realize left head cutting circle,
right head cutting square at the same time.
• Frame construction: horizontal & vertical both is available


Application Material and Industry

• Suitable for all kinds of printed material
• Apply for all kinds of sportswear clothing, outdoor supplies, flag, advertising, shoes, toys, and other industries
• Riding clothes/ Swimwear/ Sportswear/ Club uniforms/ Banner/ Shirts/ Toys/ Printing cloth/ Printing shoe material


Technical Specification

Model JHX-180140
Laser Type Hermetia and detached CO² laser tube
Laser Power 150w
Cutting Area (mm) 1800×1400
Software JinHao professional controlling software
Cooling Method Water-cooling
Cutting Speed 0-540000mm/min
Location precision ≤±0.01mm
Cutting Power Control fine tuning possible
Working Voltage 220V±10% 50-60HZ
Moving System Imported servo system
Auxiliaries Wind pipe Wind pump etc
Data Format AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

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